314 page hardback textbook, 80,000 words. £60. Prints and ships worldwide. Tom Torero’s classic A-Z textbook covering his complete daytime seduction toolkit (from getting phone numbers to texting, dating and relationships). Find out more here.


416 page paperback (£20) and Kindle edition (£7), 120,000 words. First published in 2012 as the original daygame memoir, Tom Torero recounts his journey from Oxford nerd to top seducer through a hundred successful street stories


332 page paperback (£15) and Kindle edition (£7), 80,000 words. Published in 2014, Tom Torero hits the road for some global daygame adventures in over 25 countries. The book contains key advice about nomadic seduction plus 30 successful seduction stories.


238 page paperback (£12) and Kindle edition (£7), 60,000 words. Published in 2017, Tom Torero cracks the code of frosty daytime seduction in the Former Soviet Union. Includes 30 more seduction stories and daygame city guides/maps/logistics for: Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Chisinau, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, Prague and Krakow. 



334 page paperback (£15) and Kindle edition (£7), 70,000 words. Published in 2018, Tom Torero lifts the lid on ‘Secret Society’ naughtiness under the sheets. Includes 30 of his most non-PC and provocative seduction stories plus the biology underpinning human sexuality.


76 page Kindle edition (£2) Flirting guide with over 200 examples of how to generate fast attraction. No fluff, all field tested material to pull out of your pocket.